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Salonik – Adding Flavor to your Food and Health

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” — Aldo Gucci.

This quote by Aldo Gucci states that if the quality of a product is good, people will forget about the price. With this belief, Gucci became one of the largest fashion brands in the world.   

In general, long-term businesses are concerned with the pricing and quality that they provide to their customers.  

In today’s edition of our top business stories, we are covering a food brand that has primarily focused on product quality and is gaining the trust of customers by providing consistent quality at an affordable rate.   

A buyer often buys salonik dates and saffron for different purposes. Salonik saffron is good for curing hair and skin problems and is also advised to have during pregnancy. Dates are rich in fiber and nutrition and boost our immune systems.   

While buying these products, a consumer focuses on quality and are willing to pay premium prices, but we don’t get the same taste and quality every time, which creates a trust issue in our minds and makes us skeptical.   

In our business story series, we appreciate promising startups and their efforts to help society while working towards their vision.   

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Salonik – Delivering Quality and Building Trust

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Salonik is a food brand based out of Hyderabad, started by a 22-year-old engineering graduate during the lockdown in 2019. Mir Hashim Ali (founder) started the business with a small capital when he was still in his 2nd year of college.   

It currently deals in two products: Mazafati dates and premium saffron. The dates have their origin in Bam, a city in Iran. Mazafati dates are famous for their taste and juiciness and are rich in nutrition. Its second offering includes Iranian saffron, which comes in premium and regular quality and is famous for its quality and affordable prices.   

Due to its quality and affordability, Salonik counts names like Taj, Westin, Hyatt, Lemon tree, and other notable names as its clients.   

The Company operates with a 16-member team, and due to the efforts of all team members, the business is still bootstrapped and has expanded the business in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.  

The company is currently focused on building a strong distribution channel and wants to break the existing monopolies in the market. The company is sourcing products from Iran to provide the best quality to its customers at a reasonable rate by eliminating the multiple intermediaries from the supply chain.   

Salonik is looking to add other famous FMCG products from other famous locations to its basket. Salonik has a presence in e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, 1mg, BigBasket, and more.  

Hashim’s long-term vision includes building a home brand. The team is supporting people by creating employment and uplifting their lives.   

Salonik is winning the hearts of its customers by providing consistent quality products and establishing it as a trusted food brand. We at Hylobiz appreciate the effort of Team Salonik to help people get the right quality products at an affordable price.

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