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How Technology and automation can support SMEs in efficient working capital management

Joseph, a small business owner based out of Bengaluru was in trouble to pay off his shop rent , electricity bills and other day to day expenses as he was not able to manage his inventory, receivables and cash. Here the problem faced by Joseph is inefficiency to manage working capital. In the same way...
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6 ways to improve working capital – Hylobiz can help SME businesses in UAE

SME businesses in UAE saw a steep fall in cash flow with COVID 19 pandemic. According to a study done by PWC ( ), in the first half of 2020, there was 23% deterioration in the average working capital performance of surveyed companies. What were the key drivers affecting the working capital of SMEs during...
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How can SMEs optimize and improve working capital?

Raj appeared worried as he pressed his knuckles to his face. He said to our sales team personnel, “We work with limited resources and database management, account maintenance, marketing, planning, and scheduling need primary focus day in and day out. We need to take care of taxes, legal matters and need a steady flow of...
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Tips to get paid faster for SMEs

CASH FLOW AND ITS IMPACT ON SMEs Cash flow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business. Cash Flow is often known as ‘lifeblood of a Business‘. For SMEs Managing Cash Flows is as important as focusing on Growth and Profitability because many businesses fail due to Cash Flow...
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What is the best reconciliation software? Hylobiz automated the reconciliation process

Reconciling or matching the incoming/ outgoing invoices with the debit or credit transactions is highly important for every business to maintain cash flow, to avoid fraud and to overcome human errors. Reconciliation is a labour-intensive process, needs hours of hard work, patience and understanding and needs to be automated with the aid of a powerful...
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Invoice Reconciliation – Everything a business need to know about it

As a business owner, have you observed irregularities with an invoice? Most businesses know the importance of keeping the accounting clear, but with multiple stakeholders involved, one still faces transaction mismatch, fraud, and human errors. Invoice Reconciliation can help you avoid any such issues. Today’s post will aid in understanding the benefits, issues of invoice...
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6 Benefits of Faster Invoice Collections for Businesses Hylobiz expedites invoice collections in UAE

6 Benefits of Faster Invoice Collections for Businesses – Hylobiz expedites invoice collections in UAE

What makes a business unbeatable? Speeding up the invoice processing is the best way towards making a business invincible. Advantages of faster invoice processing Hylobiz, a Fintech of this era, can ensure faster invoice payment processing for businesses in UAE. You can manage various types of invoices of high volume and can enjoy a good...
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Is It Possible to Achieve Fully Automated Account Reconciliations for SMEs?

The owner of Narayan Enterprise – Venkat Narayan Giri was looking at the ledgers, the accounting team had highlighted a mismatch of 2,34,192.43 INR.  It was month’s end task and usually a mismatch of 10,000 – 25,000 INR was usual, but this time the sum was huge and accounting team has matched every record almost...
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6 benefits of Automated Reconciliation for Businesses

Hylobiz electronically manages the accounting system and automates reconciliation. The Fintech industry has brought in revolution to the banking and finance industries with the use of innovation and technology. Today recording of accounting data and tracking of transactions are not very laborious work. Settlement of payment happens swiftly, and the difficult account reconciliation process can...
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Connected Banking services on Hylobiz, today’s Fintech can facilitate brisk payment and collection in UAE

Fintech industry is seeing a robust growth in UAE with the advent of digital disruption during the pandemic and with the growing affinity towards digital payments among customers. Gone are the days when a business had to wait long for payment clearance by a Bank. A good and efficient Fintech today can enable you to...
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Finding Purpose to a Business – HylobizGiveback

Bill Gates, Azim Prem ji, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey – Do you know what is common in all them? They all are successful, recognized and amongst the richest people in the world but what makes them stand out are their constant efforts of giving. They are under the Top PHILANTHROPIST of the world....
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Hylobiz Tally Integration and Hylobiz Mobile App

Hylobiz Product Update – Tally Integration is now more powerful!

Last month was very busy for our skilled development team, we had Advanced Tally features to be released and Hylobiz Mobile App features that  is now loaded with some exciting functionalities, for you to get faster payment of invoices. Hylobiz Tally Integration – Features and Benefits Our Hylobiz Tally Integration is now more powerful and...
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How to reconcile an invoice

How to reconcile an invoice? Hylobiz automates the invoice reconciliation process

Businesses often deal with errors on invoices and in turn experiences fraud or run out of profit. To counter this, businesses need to check and confirm or mismatch every invoice that comes in and goes out of business. The process of tallying the bank statement with the incoming and outgoing invoices so that the accounts...
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Avoid these invoices mistakes and get paid faster

Top Invoicing Mistakes made by Business Owners, that delays the payment and How Hylobiz can help in avoiding them

Invoicing is the heartbeat for businesses! Just as the heart keeps pumping “right fuel” for the body to work and keep going, the invoicing when done correctly can make sure cashflow is flowing and boosting the working capital for any business. But we know, its tedious and requires  focus, time and effort. That’s why our...
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What Are The Different Types Of Invoices And How Hylobiz Can Help create them?

How do invoices differ? As a business owner can I use the same template across all buyers?  Does invoice mention the terms and condition? Do I need to include my bank details? All these questions and many more when a business or accounting team sits to send invoices. Just to make our customers life easier,...
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Cash flow efficiency and lending for secondary distribution network- How Hylobiz builds cashflow efficiency for secondary distribution network?

The net amount of cash that flows in and out of business is termed as cash flow. The cash flow largely depends on business activities in operations, purchases, and payments. The cash flow efficiency of a business is determined by working capital management, inventory management and payment and collections process of a business. Cashflow based...
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Hylobiz Product Update – Bulk Payment, Zoho Invoice Integration and a new avatar to Receivables

One promise we always make to our customers is  Getting Paid on time and hashing the manual job of accounting and tracking. On 20th Mar 2021, Hylobiz skilled team took a step closer to our goal with its new features of simplifying payments for our users. The new features are targeted to help Business Owners,...
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How to get the payments faster? Hylobiz expedites payment collections in UAE

If you are running a business in UAE or are in a team responsible to collect payments, then you might have faced situations when you do not get paid on time. Late payments from clients reduces the flow of fund to the business and you face challenging conditions like unable to pay the suppliers, business...
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Inclusivity at workplace

Inclusivity at workplace – Inclusive work at Hylobiz

Companies today recruit a diverse workforce that includes people of different ages, religions, genders, ethnicity, and work experiences. Most of the organizations today have realized that respecting and appreciating the diverse group of employees is highly important to build a great workplace. To create an inclusive work culture, it is important to embrace unique ideas,...
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Expense Management with Hylobiz

Keep a tab on your Expenses! Automate and manage expenses with Hylobiz

A school had many suppliers – water bottles, laundry, househelp, stationery, electricity, and phone bill just to mention some of them and the Financial department also has to deal with dispersing salaries and taxes. While the fees are deposited to one of the bank accounts, the debit used to happen from another. Not to forget...
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Shyamli and Devanshi from FF21

Meet Shyamli and Devanshi from FF21 – Building Communities of happiness and love!

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Community Building is based on this principle, there is no hierarchy, no bosses, each community member contributes to grow, learn and expand. We are surrounded by communities – Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook these are all business model that worked with helping and...
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Meet Women Achiever who achieve goals and beat her struggles everyday

Every individual has a story, not necessarily from rags to riches but everyday struggles, grabbing/missing opportunities and learning to weave enriching experiences. This Women’s Day Hylobiz wanted to honour his clients and their women workforce, who are leading from the front to everyday’s struggle. Meet Prerna Sehgal from OrixIndia [Hylobiz] What does it mean to...
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5 tips to help digitize your vendor payment process

Today businesses of almost all verticals, sizes across industries have realized the importance of going digital and are in different stages of digital transformation based on awareness and suitability. Technology has become the most important driving catalyst for bringing in disruptive change and creating better scope of success through innovation and automation. All businesses for...
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Hylobiz New Product Journey

Hylobiz Product Update – Shortening User Journey to make Invoice Payment Faster and much Simpler!

On 19th Feb 2021, Hylobiz released a major change to its user journey. The release was to help Business Owners, Sales and Accountants to send invoices and get paid without a mandate of KYC, to know more read on – I just want to send invoices and get paid. Do I need to do KYC?...
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How Hylobiz is supporting Banks in UAE and offering faster collections to its customers?

Are you owning a business? Want to speed up payment collections at low transaction cost? Want to offer an improved and hassle-free buying experience to your customers? Yes? This article is meant for you. Are you a banker? Looking for a payment automation solution that can support your SME and corporate customers in their payment...
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Keep Your Business Running

Top Five Tips to keep up and running your business, with automated invoice distribution

Two friends who were also running a business in different parts of the country met after long time, after the initial conversation about family and politics, they came to business discussions, here is a snippet of it – Mr Ashok – I am fed up of the data entry and mismatch of records due to...
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digital ledgers, transparency in business payments and collections,Ledger level collections

Everything you need to know about digital ledger- How can it bring transparency in business payments and collections?

The management of accounting and finance in every business, for a steady flow of funds and to reduce operating costs, needs to be accurate, easy, secured, and cost effective. The use of right tools and technologies can help the businesses to track the dues, make payments and collect dues on time. Hylobiz automated solution with...
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Myths of UPI Payment, Banking Transaction, tax and bank accounts

Top 3 Myths busted about UPI Payments, Tax and Bank Accounts for Hylobiz customers

In an internal meeting, our sales team were sharing the feedback and requests from the client, just then one of the senior sales person phone rang. It was one of our esteemed customer – Why am I being charged for UPI transactions? The person on the other side said in such a loud voice that...
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Fintech players in UAE helping SMEs in collecting dues faster, and why Hylobiz has an extra edge?

Hylobiz team wishes you a “Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year”. Let the year 2021 grant you a profitable business and a great professional career and help you grow digitally with right technological support. We can make this ‘year of hope’ a special one for you as we offer to help you collect payments faster...
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Five Reasons why in 2021 its time to go digital with the payments for your business

Digital payments have a positive impact on all small businesses. It is a convenient tool for accepting payment which is secure, fast, lowers the cost to the company and increases company revenue. As per a report – The Digital Payments Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% over the forecast period 2020...
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