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Five Reasons why in 2021 its time to go digital with the payments for your business

Digital payments have a positive impact on all small businesses. It is a convenient tool for accepting payment which is secure, fast, lowers the cost to the company and increases company revenue. As per a report – The Digital Payments Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% over the forecast period 2020 to 2025.Another survey highlights that while demonetisation brought digital payments into mainstream, GST enabled it further, but it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has really accelerated it, bringing payment by cash down by 50% in 2020.

With ease in technology, easy access to smartphones , government and fintech firms innovative yet convenient tools are offering a ton of opportunities for businesses to grow faster and more efficiently with digital payments.

Our post of today, helps you in knowing five reasons why digital payment would help your business. Let’s get started –

Get Paid on Time and boost your working Capital

A business owner routine includes – calling people to pay against the invoices. The normal cycle of any invoice payment last from 7 days to 120 days. With such long cycle, most of the businesses never get paid on time, that affects their growth with lack of transparency in working capital.

With adoption to digital payments, your business can raise/create invoice , send it to the clients with payment link , that a customer can pay via online mode or also hand over cash to collection agent. The digital payment platform also offers real-time tracking of collection, that means – you always have an eye on “how much capital you have in hand, in real-time”.

Quick Settlement and instant transfer of money into your account

Your buyer had deposited a cheque against the invoice raised by you in the bank. But, it takes its own sweet time to get into clearance and money getting credited into your account. With Digital Payments the money transfer is in real-time. Your buyer paid via his preferred choice of internet banking or UPI and money gets credited into your account instantly.

With real-time credit happening, the digital mode also helps in settling the accounts by EOD. The whole process of settling accounts by you or your accounting team can be automated with Automated Reconciliation process, offering you an advantage of access to liquidity in real-time.

Get Data Insights and make informed decisions

  1. Do you know how much is the amount to be paid to your suppliers and pending with your buyers?
  2. How much is the labour cost you pay every year?
  3. How much  are the charges applied by Bank for every transaction you make?
  4. Who are the buyers who do not pay on time?
  5. How many reminders [phone calls] you make to make your buyer pay?

These all insights could be automated with usage of Digital payments. If you are a big business or managing multiple businesses, the digital payment could also aid in reconciling different ERP’s and Banks transaction by EOD.

Reduce Errors and Fraud

We are all bound to commit errors, so a missing “zero” while making payment or settling accounts could be painful both for you and your accounting team. That’s where digital payment step in, an invoice created when sent to your buyer, he just needs to click and make the payment, no edits or add-on of data is needed. The digital signature captures the authenticity of the transaction and register that the payment has been made. 

Most of the digital payment providers are ISO certified and have to follow protocols and security to keep their platform secure. They also use intelligence in case someone is trying to access the platform or hack it. With these certifications and regulation in place, your money in digital form is really safe. 

Get Mental Peace and Save Money

Chasing for payments, going to bank and getting update from collection agent could be stressful and involves money. Using your smartphone or computer to send and receive money would not only offer convenience but peace of mind that you have things in control.

Hylobiz is a Digital-first platform for all your Offline and Online Payments

Hylobiz is a platform that offers business owners, accountant ,sales and marketing teams a way to get paid on time. Loaded with features of seamless integration to ERP’s and Banks, it could boost your business in streamlining payments and recognizing revenues.

Hylobiz automates manual processes, lowers transaction costs, and speeds up invoice collection.

Here are some of the features Hylobiz offers –

Invoice Collection – Hylobiz Receivables help you digitizing your collection process. You get the power to send your invoices or pro forma to your customers with a secured payment links giving multiple payment methods to your customers to make digital payments

ERP Integration – Access your ERP with our pre-integrated ERP list with Hylobiz or just upload your invoice file to kick start your digital collections with a simple two-step process

Automated Reconciliation – Hylobiz helps you with automated reconciliations of your banking transactions. All your receivables and payables are consolidated and updated in a single report with a Unique Payment Identity Number.

Credit Card, loans and Insurance – Get Business Credit Card, loans and health or inventory insurance. You can also extend these benefits to your customer who pay on time.

If you want to know if Hylobiz and your company can be a perfect match, schedule a free demo today.

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