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How can you use Hylobiz as your personal business assistant?

Are you looking for a system that can perfectly guide you to run your business smoothly and efficiently?

If so, then Hylobiz system can be your personal business assistant. Now, you need not hire an agent for payments and collections, nor hire somebody to maintain your logbook and remind you of your timelines and plans.

The accounts department irrespective of the size of your business, need not juggle multiple ERPs, Accounting software and payment gateways. No more manual errors and no more struggle for journals, ledgers, and balance sheets.

Hylobiz will act as a guide and assist your business to make the accounts, operations and data management easy and error free when you sign up on and you get a complete overview of the transactions, get a print of the reports or check the health of your business any time and from anywhere when you download the mobile app from

The platform is most suitable in this fast-digital era to help you record, track, manage financial data and remind you of the outstanding balances and pay out and collect dues on time. Hylobiz is a connected one stop automated solution that supports the B2B value chain and has been recognised and appreciated by esteemed partner banks (HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank). It is a highly reliable platform trusted by business owners, accounting, and sales professionals across the world. The connected banking platform allows digitization of receivable and payables, automated reminders to buyers for credit purchases, automated reconciliations and settlements and help you earn more revenue and model better long-term plan. You can also use the platform to better relationship with customers and vendors.

Today, every business across industries face a tough competitive market. To remain ahead of competition and to face challenges more efficiently, the intelligent, transparent, well designed Hylobiz solution proves to be a smart choice of businesses.

A business owner located in UAE, has recently shared his experience with Hylobiz. To our sales team he said,

Collecting the outstanding payments for bills was a real concern before signing up with Hylobiz. Hylobiz has helped us to do tedious accounting jobs more easily than before and to get a good flow of fund to run our business. We collect payments easily on time without much hassle and we can build better relationship with customers through highly professional platform. We even pay out to our clients on time. Our business has seen a good profit after using Hylobiz advanced solution.”

Again, a business owner in Bangalore, India expressed,

Now we stay more relaxed at the time of audit as Hylobiz takes care of recording of financial data, tracking, reconciliations and settlements with optimum level of accuracy. Our Accounts department is highly satisfied with the Hylobiz system.”

Hylobiz helps you manage your business more efficiently

Hylobiz is a start-up that has brought in revolution to the Accounting system. Hylobiz is building the Business banking marketplace. The system is highly secured as it offers data encrypting and produces digital certificate. Hylobiz team is continuously upgrading its offering for matching up the requirements of Accountants, sales professionals, and the business owners.

The distributed network of digital ledgers and automation in the Hylobiz system allows recording, tracking, and managing financial records accurately and safely expedites payments and collections. The tedious accounting jobs like reconciliations and settlements are done automatically. Your business gets higher working capital and manage to reduce operational cost.

 As the financial records of your business have digital footprints, it becomes easier for you to get credits from partner banks and other financial institutions.

Top few features available both on web platform of Hylobiz and mobile app that the business owners would love to know:

  • Best monthly and annual plans
    • Once you sign up on Hylobiz platform you may immediately start using Hylobiz free trial for a period of 30 days – 90 days based on the size of your business.
    • Minimal digital transaction charges
    • Discounted quarterly, monthly, and annual subscription fee based on the size and volume of business
  • Real time business dashboards

The real time business dashboard is efficient enough to show and help understand

  • The financial and business health
  • Upcoming payables and receivables
  • Overdue summary
dashboard mobile app
Figure 1: Dashboard in mobile app

The well-designed dashboard is good to analyse the risk, forecast, take important business decisions, and make long term plans efficiently.


The Receivables feature on the platform allows

Figure 2 : Receivables
  • To create branded invoices
  • To import single invoice or multiple invoices in bulk
  • The Hylobiz sellers to invariably attach a digital payment link of invoices.
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Figure 3: Payment link
  • Quick settlement
  • To transfer service charges to payer giving a customised transaction experience
  • Both payer and receiver get payment confirmation
  • The platform is already integrated with our standard ERP partners like quickbooks, ZOHO, Tally.
receivables mobile app_business_health
Figure 4: Receivables on mobile app


  • You to manually create and handle payables
  • Import of Payables – pay out for Single invoice to a vendor or pay out in Bulk for instance to multiple vendors for multiple invoices, pay salary to employees
Figure 5: Payables
  • Both payer & receiver gets payment confirmation message.

Reconciliation reports

  •  Automated reconciliation and daily settlement
  • Payment reports get generated enabling you to track financial transactions well.
Auto reconciliation for real time cash flow

Digital ledger

The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform enables

  • Statement of Account at contact level
  • Ledger level collections
  • To manage contacts
Figure 6: Digital Ledger

Alerts and Reminders

  • You may configure the alerts and reminders at company and at contact level
  • If you are handling a large corporate business, the customised email templates help create quick and professional email reminders
  • Email, SMS and WhatsApp alerts and reminders help businesses of all sizes to pay and collect on time, earn good revenue, and maintain better relationship with suppliers and customers.
Figure 7: Reminder on email

As a business owner, hope now you understand why Hylobiz should be the choice of your business.

An important garnish that you get with the top few prime features is the Customized checkout User Interface with the logo of your businesscan help you deal with customers more professionally and efficiently and help you reach wider audience.

You can analyse risk, take informed decisions, get bills paid on time and pay out safely and effortlessly, deal with customers and suppliers more professionally than ever before and effectively reach organizational goals once you include Hylobiz in your organisational system. The system will give you all round assistance to grow your business.

Interested to grab the opportunity to use the efficient Hylobiz platform as your guide and assistant?

To learn more about Hylobiz features, click here. To contact please email us at

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