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Remote Softwares for Small Business

Remote Softwares for Small Businesses

Are you running an SME business or planning to do so? Looking for easy to use and affordable software to run your business smoothly?

Then this blog is exactly right to refer and perfectly tailored to guide you.

Unlike the olden days a small business today needs to constantly upgrade to compete with other SMEs and large players of the industry.

Understanding the key business areas to focus and choosing the right software will render desired outcome. We in  Hylobiz are continuously endeavoring to provide innovative and friendly solutions to the SME section to integrate ERPs. Hylobiz deals with the management of invoices and payments through multiple digital payment options, easy payment collection modes, real time trackers, reminders, aggregate account linkages, detailed dashboard, maker- checkers roles to approve purchase orders, and many other advanced features to give your business an exponential growth in a secured platform.

Of course, our experience and research will give you the perfect links to software that will cater for unique need based on department.

What is the use of small business software?

Small businesses require comparatively low investment but positively influence socially and economically in major areas like employment and GDP. Hence for prime business areas like effective communication, accounting and connection perfect business tools and software are the primary need.

The worldwide challenge in the Covid 19 era demands cognitive thinking, technological support and remote working abilities which every small and medium business enterprise should adopt for uninterrupted workflow.

Challenges SMEs face

  • The employees in SME sector who work on fields may find it difficult to get adapted to the new digital workflow process due to low exposure.
  • Team engagement and workflow management
  • Communication and connection with the world to promote and grow
  • Managing Accounts
  • Managing account payables and account receivables and integrating on a single platform

Hence simple easy to use tools may help you plan and run your business smoothly now. In due course you may plan to train your people for a better use of technology.

The Best Tools and Software for Small Business

Communication and Messaging Software for small business

Good and meaningful communication facilitates decision making process and encourages better engagement and teamwork.

WhatsApp– For a secured, fast and simple messaging, video and voice calling. It allows users to easily share images and documents over the mobile app as well as through the web client service. WhatsApp Business is meant mainly for small business.

Google Duo– A video and voice calling software available for free which provides a good means to communicate.

Google voice calls– Provides smart voice calling both for personal and business uses. A common number for all devices helps calling and receiving calls easily from anywhere and from any device.

Zoom– You may use zoom for conferences, meetings, webinars and trainings. It provides simple and easy way to keep people securely connected.

Accounting /Banking and Payment Transaction and invoice management Software for small business –

Tracking invoices, revenue and expenses, receivables and payables, analysis and forecast are the major areas managed by accounting/ finance/ banking and payment transaction software for small businesses.

Tally– Widely used accounting software which gives an all-round solution to your accounting system. Simple easy to manage software which gives control over the cash flow system and helps in error free journal, ledger and balance sheet derivations.

MS Excel and online spreadsheets– They are the simplest and easily customizable Accounting tools. Very convenient for SME businesses.

Supply Chain software for small business –

Required for business supply chain tracking.

BoTree – Collaborative platform for supply chain solutions, distribution management, data accuracy, sales force automation and marketing, trade promotion, product and pricing management successfully helps growth and innovation by maintaining profitability.

Document Management Software for small business –

Data management software is essential for businesses to back up and sync important data files across multiple devices.

Office 365– Supports cloud storage and a host of tools that helps in perfect management of data for higher productivity, perfect for modern businesses.

Google Drive – In Google search page you can look for Google apps and may easily access the Google drive from any device like smartphone, mobile, laptop – a safe place for all files and folders such as photos, documents, spreadsheets, videos and any other file type.

How do you then connect with others?

Connecting with all other like businesses, customers, interested communities, members of the supply chain is immensely essential for branding, analysis and growth of a business. Social media helps understanding buyer’s journey and the interest of customers and helps to target and re-target specific customers.

Facebook for business – Create a free business page for your business and connect to interested communities. A good way to present your business to target communities through ads and posts.

Twitter– Target interested communities on twitter and reach them through ads and posts.

Instagram– Promote products and services, boost your brand and reach to interested customers almost in no time. It is a must for small businesses.

All the social media channels are easily accessible through all devices. Use hashtags for your posts and try to respond to business questions and you will be able to reach the interested communities.

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