Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business

“With the shimmering garland of New Year

As the book of digital opportunities open

Let Hylobiz unfold all it has to offer

For amazing sales, you dreamt often”

Happy New Year…

As the bells of New Year chime, when we are set with a bunch of resolutions and dreams, it is the time to think rationally and move ahead with determination and a well-defined plan to make the dreams come true. Today with a ray of new hope as we step into 2021, we realize that the world has advanced remarkably well in the last year with a digital boom. As we try and forget the nightmares that the corona pandemic has brought in, and as we work towards grow their business together, let us make the best use of all this New Year presents us with.

To make this New year momentous, the Hylobiz platform offers the premium features, sales, and marketing needed for all-around business growth. The sales and marketing of every business across industries in this digital era with the use of the right technology can make an indelible impression on a business.  

Hylobiz’s automated platform has brought in a revolutionary change adding strong value to the B2B value chain making connected banking a success. The Hylobiz system is highly secured as it offers data encrypting and produces digital certificates. Hylobiz has manifested in the last year to be the best of its kind and has become the first choice of business owners, accounting professionals, and sales professionals of businesses across the world. The platform is integrated with ERP partners and partnered with top banks. The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform make a recording, tracking, and managing financial data very easy and accurate. Management of invoices, collection, and payment of dues can be done online in just a few clicks to grow their business. Automated reconciliations, quick settlements, and automated reports accessible anytime and anywhere make the platform highly beneficial for a business allowing a good flow of funds and helping in healthy informed decisions. Once you sign up on Hylobiz digital platform, you can try the 30-90 days free trial to experience the facilities available on the platform.

The sales and the marketing departments in every business, collaborate with each other, generate, and share ideas with each other for a seamless experience that the business at every level as well as the customers may enjoy.

Responsibilities of Marketing

The marketing team especially understands the needs and wants at the customer and business level, create awareness, engages the consumers, converts the potential customers to lead, and helps in customer retention.

Responsibilities of Sales

The sales team follows up with the leads, helps build trust and relationship between the buyer and the business, closes sales, and helps customer retention and upselling.

Both sales and marketing play a significant role in overall business development and growth. The promotion and selling of goods lie with both the marketing and sales department. Customer relationship is an integral part of both these departments.

We in Hylobiz understand that the sales and marketing teams, to manage the mammoth tasks of meeting target sales, managing payment collections, communicating with customers, and many more need the assistance of the right business tools to manage their tasks efficiently.

If you are a business owner or a professional engaged in sales and marketing, you might get interested to know the top features Hylobiz has to offer in connection with sales and marketing. You need no more chase the buyers for the invoice collections but can rely on the Hylobiz system to get invoice collections faster done without much hassle.

Top 5 features that can benefit sales and marketing through web and mobile apps (click to follow a link on Android and Apple store)


The Receivables feature on the Hylobiz platform enables

screens tab connect and grow Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business
Receivables Feature
  • The Hylobiz sellers can attach a digital payment link to invoices.
Share Link Hylobiz App
Share Payment Links
  • Quick settlement
  • Both payer and receiver get payment confirmation
  • The platform is already integrated with our standard ERP partners like QuickBooks, ZOHO, Tally, Coral, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics
Top five features sales and marketing need to use in year 2021 to grow their business 2 5.01.2021 Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business
Track Payments

Real-time business dashboards

The real-time business dashboard can help estimate

  • Upcoming payables and receivables
  • Overdue summary
dashboard mobile app
Interactive Dashboards for Realtime Business Health

The dashboard will help understand the amount to be recovered and will help with an inactive collection of dues online or offline.

Alerts and Reminders

ipad dashboard email Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business
Receive Automated Alerts and Reminders for Payments
  • The alerts and reminders can be well configured at both company and contact levels.
  • Alerts and reminders can be sent through Email, SMS, and WhatsApp allowing you to connect better with customers
  • Professional emails can be sent with the help of email templates helping you sound bolder but connected

Digital ledger

The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform allows

  • Ledger level collections
  • To manage contacts
digital ledger Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business
Maintain Digital Ledger

Cheque and cash tracking

  • Unlimited collections
  • Unrealized cheques tracking
  • Payment confirmation to both payer and receiver
ipad confirm payment Top five features Sales and Marketing need to use in the year 2021 to grow their business
Cash/Cheque Payment

The garnish on the features listed above is that the customer health score will help better manage invoice collections and build stronger relations. You will be able to communicate better with the customers through WhatsApp and in App chats.

With all the top-class features available on the platform Hylobiz will allow you to better payment collections, communicate better with customers and thus reach a wider audience, lead conversions, customer retention and upselling, and perfect sales closer.

Wishing you continued prosperity on this New Year with a promise to support you in bringing better values as a better professional.

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