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How is e-Invoicing Strengthening the Future of Businesses?

Invoicing is a crucial part of any business transaction as it works as evidence between the buyer and supplier for the supply made. It contains details like quantities sold, date of shipment, prices, and discounts and ensures transparency.

Earlier it was easy for anyone to manipulate the invoices as the process was not transparent, which would lead to late collections and hurt the business growth.

To eliminate all these deficiencies from the system, the government of India has introduced e-invoice under GST for all the B2B transactions made by a supplier.

After the launch of electronic invoices, it has eliminated the manipulation of invoices, data entry errors, or fake ITC claims from the system.

e-Invoicing has smoothened the entire Invoicing process with increased collection efficiency, reducing operational costs, and improving the overall business.

Here in this blog, let us discuss the factors that lead to strengthening the future of a business with an e-Invoicing system.

  • Promote standardization
    The absence of a standard format for an invoice made it tough to understand.
    Under GST, a uniform standard format applies to all businesses known as the ‘e-invoice schema’.
  • Automatic reporting
    After an e-invoice generation, it is available to all the parties involved. It makes the process smoother and faster for businesses by reducing the inventory handling time.
    With e-invoicing, there is no need for multiple reporting in different formats. Also, e-way bill creation becomes easy by using auto-populated data of an e-invoice.
  • Eliminates fake invoices from the system
    It allows the system to access the data in real-time, which helps the department to identify fake invoices. It will result in a reduction of frauds and fraudulent ITC claims.
  • Reduction in errors
    With e-invoicing, there will be no data entry errors as the same data will get reported to the buyer, supplier, and the tax department, which will also ease the reconciliation process.
  • Improved collections
    With an e-invoice, you can improve your business collection efficiency by attaching your payment details with the invoice. Also, there is no physical movement involved in sending invoices, which ultimately reduces the receivables days and helps in generating healthy cash flows.
  • Boost invoice discounting
    Electronic invoicing under GST opens the door to invoice discounting for businesses. As all the invoices under GST get automatically tracked and are accurate, the businesses can get easy access to capital through invoice discounting from banks/NBFCs.
    Invoice discounting helps fuel their business growth by getting access to capital.
  • Improves overall business efficiency
    With electronic invoicing, businesses enjoy reduced processing time and faster payment cycles that helps in saving cost and time, thus driving efficiency in the overall business.
    We at Hylobiz are helping businesses to become GST e-invoicing compliant in the lowest possible time with top-class features.
    With Hylobiz, you can start your invoicing journey without any process change or upload your invoices and get an e-invoice without any hassle.
    Also, get other benefits with Hylobiz and grow your business with our all-in-one automation solution.
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 Some top features of Hylobiz are:

  1. Connect your existing ERP on Hylobiz in just a few clicks without any cost.
  2. Send/create a proforma invoice, sales invoice, and an e-invoice with attached payment links and share them across social channels.
  3. Get a digital ledger for all your transactions with auto reconciliation directly into your ERP.
  4. Automate your collection with our pre-integrated payment gateway.
  5. Improve your relationship with suppliers by automating your payables.
  6. Track your business health on a real-time basis.
  7. Enjoy 360-degree control over your cashflows.
  8. Avail of business loans at lower rates.

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