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Hylobiz | How to get Pre-Approval Credit Cards for Businesses?

As a vehicle runs on fuel, in the same way, capital works as fuel for a business, and access to formal credit has always been a problem for small businesses in the recent past.

With the help of technological advancement, the gap is reducing. Fintech and banks are joining hands to solve this issue, where they’re working together with the fintech’s technology and bank’s experience. This partnership has helped banks to offer pre-approval credit cards to solve the pain points of an SME.

Today a businessman has many options available to fulfill his capital needs, but sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from many options.

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So, here are a few points to consider before taking any credit product:

  • Check whether the credit limit provided to you is enough to meet your needs or not.
  • Compare the rate of interest between the available alternatives.
  • Also, find out whether the repayment schedule is flexible as per your needs or not.
  • Verify all the associated charges (annual charges, processing charges) before taking any credit.

From the above points in mind, we can conclude that the business credit card is the best and easy option available to small businesses because of its easy availability, minimal documentation, flexibility, rewards, and perks.

What is Pre-Approval Credit Cards?

Based on soft inquiry done by the lender with the credit bureaus, the bank or financial institution offers you a credit card with a pre-approved credit limit. Also, banks will apply some more screening/assessment processes before giving you the card.

Even after getting a promotional email of the pre-approved credit line, you’ll have to furnish your details with the lender to complete the process. It may require identity proof, a business deed, and a good credit score.

Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of having a pre-approved credit card:

Easy access

It is easy to get a pre-approved credit card because of its easy access and faster disbursal.

Interest-free credit period

With a business credit card, you enjoy an interest-free credit period, which helps you with positive cash flows for your business.

Sometimes the lender might charge a processing fee on every transaction, so ensure it before getting a card and make sure to pay your bills on time to save yourself from hefty interest rates.

Perks and rewards

Using a pre-approval credit cards has some more benefits than getting interest-free credit days. It rewards you with cashback/reward points on every spends. It also offers you deals and discounts on various websites/apps for your usage.

With business credit cards, you can automate your app subscriptions.

A business credit card comes with expense management, which helps you with better spending management.

 It also allows you to avail of add-on cards for your employees and helps in tax calculations, tax deductions, etc.

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Now, let us know about the parameters that can help us in getting a pre-approval credit cards for our business:

Credit score

Being a business, always focus on building a better credit score because it can open doors to numerous opportunities. It always helps in getting quick loans at cheaper rates with quick disbursements.

As a business, if you have a good credit score, it becomes easy for lending partners to assess your creditworthiness and to offer you the best offer according to your score.

Credit history

If you have a good credit history in the recent past, it can also help you with the best pre-approval credit cards from the banks. Because if you have a credit history and have not defaulted on any payment, it creates a good image of your business.

Based on your credit history, your credit limit is determined. So the card with the highest limit might not be the best for you. Therefore, You should compare all the factors while evaluating the best credit card for your business.

Business revenue

If you are generating generous revenue every year, it can be a boon for your business. Also, it will help you in getting a pre-approval credit cards pre-approved credit card because you will have data to support your numbers.


The chances of getting a pre-approval credit cards line are more when you’ve been running a business for the past few years. So, they are willing to offer credit to those who have a long business history.

Regulatory compliance

Being a business owner, always deal seriously and timely with all the regulatory compliances. It will always help in earning a good image for your business.

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