kotak mahindra bank connected business banking with Hylobiz

Business banking redefined with
Kotak Mahindra Bank & Hylobiz

Connect your Kotak Mahindra Bank Account with Hylobiz to simplify
reconciliation of transactions, get direct bank feeds, to enable
banking and collections work together seamlessly.

Connected banking services at your fingertips

Easy ERP

Integrate your Kotak Bank Current Account with Hylobiz platform to experience seamless business banking conveniently.

Reduce manual operations

The automated payment reminders can relieve you from manual chasing of invoices. The collection solution can be accessed at no cost.

Easy reconciliations

The reconciliations happen automatically in real-time and you can access the reconciliation reports on-the-go. The reconciliation solution can be accessed for free.

Live account balance

Link your Kotak Corporate Bank Account and view your account balance and statements directly from the Hylobiz platform.

Special offers for Kotak Mahindra Bank customers

Kotak Mahindra Bank in collaboration with Hylobiz is here with an established digital platform that will help facilitate your day-to-day cash management, enable faster collections, and provide real-time connect to our Current Account customers via the Open Banking APIs for SME customers.
  • Zero set up cost | Zero monthly cost
  • Free reconciliation solution | Free collections solution

Empower your business with the benefits of Hylobiz

kotak mahindra bank kotak mahindra bank ltd connected business banking services with Hylobiz

E-invoicing and E-way bill compliance

E- invoices and E-way bills are simplified with Hylobiz. You can quickly generate an e-invoice within a few steps and also create e-way bills with pre-filled data of an invoice. We support businesses to comply with GOI mandates.

Digital ledger improving business relationships

Keep a track of all your transactions with digital ledger and share them with clients and vendors. This can improve your business transparency.

Manage Audit Trail with real-time tracking

The dashboard and automated reports can help real-time tracking of outstanding invoices, transactions, and business health. Also, the automated reconciliation on real-time keeps your cash flow tracked and updated. You can manage your audit trails better and get control over cash flow as you try Hylobiz.

Advanced security & privacy systems

Encrypted data

Strong Data Encryption at
multiple levels to protect all
the sensitive data of the users.

Digital certificate

Use of CA signed SSL
certificate assuring
users are on correct site.

Secured Hybrid Architecture

A Distributed Architecture implemented
using Micro service APIs to
ensure Privacy of Data flowing.

Audit Trails

Constant monitoring protects from
misuse of sensitive or
vital information.

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  • kotak mahindra bank Customer Testimonials from Easy Busy Box for Business Banking Services form Hylobiz

    I am really happy with Hylobiz and recommend it to all my partners. As a startup, I was happy it had no installment fees neither any other types of equipment or programs were required. The integration is great and all our customers can now pay with ease.

    Olena Kramareva
    Founder, Easy Busy Box
  • kotak mahindra bank Customer Testimonials from Skanda Tires for Business Banking Services form Hylobiz

    Digitization through Hylobiz is helping me in transaction and receivables from my customers. The platform offers transparency by helping me in tracking Where is my outstanding and what is the outstanding of each customer.

    Owner, Sri Skanda Tyres
  • kotak mahindra bank Customer Testimonials from Apac Club for Business Banking Services form Hylobiz

    I was looking for a payment gateway that only charges a fixed percentage and not a per-transaction charge. As I sell products that are low in cost. My web developer suggested Hylobiz and within days the payment gateway was up and running with no setup fees and no per transaction charges. I receive my money regularly and now my business is up and running. Thanks to Hylobiz.

    Rahul Malpure
    Owner, APAC Club
Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with Hylobiz?

You can click the Login button at top or visit https://app.hylo.biz/login, and enter your phone number and the OTP (One-time password) to login and start using the application.

What is Hylobiz Ledger or Digital Ledger?

Hylobiz ledger is the most popular and beneficial feature for seller-buyer transparency representing the account statement, with all the details and list of invoices and their real-time status. With this feature at any point, the seller-buyer has the same view of the account statement for the business between them.

What third-party apps I can integrate with Hylobiz?

As of date, Hylobiz has integrations with QuickBooks, Zoho, Tally, Innoventry. While there are more to come with Xero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERPs, Optimum and regional ERPs based on country after country rollout. Please share your feedback on a specific ERP if you would like us to integrate it for your markets!


We have launched e-invoicing on our platform to help businesses become e-invoicing compliant under GST. Now generate e-invoices on Hylobiz and scale your business with its top-class features.Visit to know more: https://hylo.biz/e-invoicing/.

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